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Brian Kluger
Brian Kluger ✭✭
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Hi I am hoping someone might have a simpler solution than the one I am thinking of.  I am creating a sheet for my company to track all of our projects.  The scope of what we do for each project varies based on what kind of campaign it is.  There are 10 different kinds of campaigns, so say for example Campaign Type A might include all tasks, Campaign B might include all but tasks 16-24 etc.  The upside is that if a task IS included in the campaign, the calculation for the due date for that task remains the same no matter what campaign.  Sorry if this is confusing.  There will be columns that Identify a project by Client, Description, Campaign Type and then the next columns on that row will be due dates for each step of the project.  My current plan is to set up a formula that says that if the Campaign Type Cell has project type A in it then use the formula to calculate a date, and for the value if false, use another IF function to search for Type B, Type C, etc.  Until I get to all projects that require that task.  This should work, but given the number of task that are in this schedule (around 40) and the number of campaign types (10) this will take a HUGE amount of time.  I was wondering if ANYONE had a better idea.  I tried setting it up so that if the Cell contained Type A or Type B or Type C etc. but that didnt work.  But something similar would be immensely helpful.  Thanks



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