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How to count quantity of date entries within a month time frame?

Jef Forward
Jef Forward ✭✭✭✭
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Hello All - 


I have 10 years of data that I would like to produce historical infomration, and eventually trailing charts.


I want to produce a chart that will tell me how many leads we received on a per month, per year basis.


I have shared a screen shot, and example of what I am trying to do.  I keep getting a "zero" for a result.  The formula I am trying to use is 

=COUNTIFS($[Received Lead Date]:$[Received Lead Date], [Column3]5, $[Received Lead Date]:$[Received Lead Date], "2015")


Is there a different way to do this?  Any help woul be appreciated, Thanks


counting entries with in a month time frame.png


  • Jessica Harris
    edited 12/07/15

    You need to create 2 more columns for your data. In one column, you need to have the formula: =MONTH([Received Lead Date]), and the other =YEAR([Received Lead Date]).


    Here is an example:



    [Month]x = [Received Lead Date]x

    [Year]x = [Received Lead Date]x

    Summary Month is the number version of the months (January = 1, etc)

    Each summary column is =COUNTIFS($Month:$Month, $[Summary Month]x, $Year:$Year, $[20xx]$1)


    So January 2014 = COUNTIFS($Month:$Month, $[Summary Month]2, $Year:$Year, $[2014]$1)


  • Jessica is correct.  The countif() functions need to have a numeric value to work with, they don't like dates.  So pulling the Month, and Year data out of your dates doesthe trick.

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