Linking Epics Across Sprints

Ian C
Ian C
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Hello Community, 

I'm trying to rollup epics and themes that exist across multiple Sprints in my smartsheet. I've created parent and child relationships from a Phase level. I may have my parent-child relationships incorrect. Please take a look at my screenshot. Any help would be much appreciated.

I'm trying to roll up % complete and the start-finish dates to the epic, theme, and then to phase.


Thank you

Smartsheet Sprint roll up.jpg


  • Isaac Jose
    Isaac Jose Employee


    Thanks for your post, it looks like you want to roll-up the % Complete and Start/Finish dates in your sheet. If I'm understanding correctly, the hierarchy you've set up has Phase parent rows, Theme child rows, Epic grandchild rows, and I presume further hierarchy for tasks and subtasks as needed. 

    The hierarchy or indenting of the rows themselves looks to be setup correctly, however I noticed that the roll-up appears to be incorrect since the Phase has a Start Date of August 10, 2018 while the earliest date in any of the children appears to be August 27, 2018.

    The easiest way to roll up the data in hierarchy will be to enable Dependencies in the Project Settings of your sheet. This will automatically populate any parent row with Date, % Complete, and Duration values based on the values of the associated child rows.

    If you don't want to enable this setting, you'd likely want to use a few different formulas in each of the Parent Rows to roll up this information

    • =MIN(CHILDREN([Start Date]@row) can be used to return the earliest Start Date from the child rows into the parent
    • =MAX(CHILDREN([Finish Date]@row) can be used to return the latest Finish Date from the child rows into the parent
    • =AVGW(CHILDREN([% Complete]@row), CHILDREN([Duration@row]) can be used to return a weighted % Complete from the child rows based on their respective Durations into the parent row.

    Additional information about the features I mentioned above can be found here:

    I hope this helps!

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    Smartsheet Support