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edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Really sad what they have done. Have taken something very simple and made it much more difficult.  What used to take one click now takes two or three clicks.  Much more wasted time using.  

Can you return to what we all liked about your program.  

Not good at all.  




  • Mike1

    I agree 100%.

    The amount of each sheet that I see on the screen has been reduced dramatically. I bounce between multiple sheets all the time. So, if I decide to close the side window to maximize the sheet, it's extra clicks to open, select and then close the side window.

    Why change things that aren't broken?!

  • Robin Sherwood

    Thanks for the feedback. 

    The change to the navigation actually gives you more sheet space when closed which was one of the many goals. The in app tabs take up space that could be used for content and is a function that is already provided by the browser. With this change we have also enhanced the support for using browser tabs. Sheets now have "direct link" URLs that make it easy to bookmark in the browser. You can also "open in new tab" using the "three-dot" next to an item name or simply Ctrl-Click from the recents or favorites menu to do this. Using the browser tabs retains the 1click access to sheet as before and is substantially faster than reloading the sheet every time you switch which is what happens with the in app navigation. Would love to hear your specific use cases though,