New format wastes both time and space

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I am very frustrated with the new format.  Previously, every single sheet I had open was accessible with a single click, plus I was able to use the entire width of the screen for each sheet.

Now, in order to us the entire width of the screen for each sheet, it requires triple the amount of clicks to change sheets:  One to open the side panel, one to select a different sheet, and one to close the panel.  Good grief.

If I want to keep my one-click access to each sheet, then I give up space because I have to leave the side panel open.

I am curious if you tested these changes with actual users in your research, because the new design wastes both time and screen space, which is quite an accomplishment.



  • I agree. I'm not a fan. I want the old tabbed format back!

  • jrfish1001
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    I agree - 

    Part of the reason I like using smartsheet is BECAUSE of the old format... Its just too clumsy now. 

    StudMasterFlash - I am interested to know if, and why, a user group accepted these changes. I can't figure out how this could be considered an enhancement. 

  • I agree - just submitted a support ticket to see if there is a way to set it up in the old tabbed format.

  • I did an enhancement request.... with this new format the old tab format would be a serious enhancement. 

  • Please go back to the original format, or give us an option to switch back to old layout.  You have to give me a very good reason why your team decided to take the file tabs off the top and hide them to the left (wasting time clicking) to get to your folder.  

    I mean I'm not very smart but this obviously doesn't make sense.  You take away the convenience we all loved.


  • susan.frenchsmith72191
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    I agree. I can't find a way to open more than one sheet at a time, and there is no "open in a new window" option to get an additional tab.  Can anyone point me to the instructions on how we are supposed to use this format?  I am supposed to give my manager an overview demo today, great timing. 

    HA - found the open in a new tab...If you go to recently opened, and the three dots drop down does have an open in a new tab.  Now if I can just find a way to pin my menu to the side, I keep losing it when I open sheets.

  • Ella
    Ella ✭✭✭✭

    Being able to open multiple sheets at a time is something they should not have touched.

  • Hey StudMasterFlash,

    Thanks for reaching out, we agree, screen real-estate is key, which is why we decided to not duplicate functionality that is present in every modern browser. As part of this release we have added much better support for browser tabs. All sheets, reports and dashboards now have direct links which can be bookmarked by the browser and loaded in separate browser tabs. In the recents and favorites menus simply hover over the item and ctrl-click, right-click or click on the "3-dot" to open in a new tab. This allows you to have your working tabs one click away and not take up more screen space. They are also much faster because the app doesn't need to load every time you re-open one. The old tabs were not really "open" they were just shortcuts, they were reopened every time you clicked on them.  The other benefit of the direct links is they now contain filter and view information as well so you can tell a co-worker to look as something and they will see the same view as you! 

    As for the left nav real estate, on a larger monitor it is easy to leave open, on a smaller screen it can be collapsed and the over all screen give you more space for your content that before. 

    As to your final question, yes we have tested this extensively for over a year, individually and at our user conferences with hundreds of actual users, and while we know we cannot please everyone we feel this change will be positive for the vast majority of people, but It is different and sometimes change is challenging and we appreciate you reaching out to make us aware of the challenges you are facing. 

    Thanks for the feedback, would love to hear how you are using Smartsheet to help us better understand your needs and make the product better. 



  • Hey Susan, 

    From the recents or favorites list, simply "Ctrl Click" or click on the "3-dot" to bring up an "open in new tab" option. 

    You can also just drag a recent to the browser bar to open it in a new tab (pro tip)



  • I also entered a ticket. If I cannot get the old format back, I will look for another tool and leave smartsheet. Having to do umpteen clicks is ridiculous and will invest my time finding another solution. I do not feel the need to be placated and patronized by an employee stating its a change and we cannot please everyone. Well thanks a lot. That statement means you do not care about the individual needs of your customers. You could create a settings section to choose the layout of preference. But we are just your customers, why would you care.


  • I already have 6 browser tabs open. That's what I liked about smartsheet it was self-contained without have 15 browsers open you can't read. Not helpful.

  • Agreed- the functionality paired with the smartsheet response is very disappointing. 

    I've never seen a format release with this much backlash. After that response it doesn't seem hopefully we will see the layout again. 


  • I hate this new format as well.  Last thing I needed at the end of the year is to try and figure this out.  I loved the old way and will also be shopping around for a new service to replace smart sheet.


  • Dear Smartsheet, 

    In addition to the issues with the interface I strongly encourage you to adjust your change management for this. Consistently the responses from Smartsheet in this community try to convince loyal users that you know what is better for them and their businesses than they do. I would highly encourage you to find a remedy before users are forced to abandon the software. 

    The message should be " we hear you, we're thinking" NOT

    "you need this thing you didn't want or ask for" and "change is hard". 

    These are your customers. 



  • If you find something good ,  let the rest of us know.