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social media symbol set

05/25/15 Edited 12/09/19

Since we can't upload our own set of symbols, you really should add a social media symbol set to the choices.  It would be incredibly helpful when it comes to media planning and tracking, to be able to make a drop down with those symbols.  Also, a multi-select on the dropdown menu would also be helpful.


  • In SmSh you can use symbols like ☹☺☝☀☁☂✔✖✉♛♔➜

    Above are examples picked up in google docs ("Insert \ Ω Special Characters...").

    Then you can select the column type "Dropdown List..." and propose a list of desired symbols.

  • Those symbols are font icons that come standard on computers as part of the fonts. Usually called Wingdings, although there are also Webdings and others. 

    I don't understand the rest of your "directions."  Picked up in what way and proposed to whom?


  • Smartsheet could just install this font so that it's available within the system:



    Which would make them available and easy to access within the system.




  • edited 05/26/15

    The best would indeed be smSh to propose the symbols in one of their dropdown list.

    I simply copied/pasted google-doc characters to customize a dropdown list into SmSh but could not find the social symbols you are after...

  • TravisTravis Employee
    edited 05/28/15

    adaptifyed - Thanks for the feedback! I will send your suggestion of having a social media symbol column to our product team.

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