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Sharing Data Between Sheets

Darold Turock
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

Hello. New User Here.


I have reviewed reports and cell linking, however I have additional questions.


Here is the scenario.


Lets say I have 10 web design services clients.


I create a sheet for each one outlining the tasks that need to be done on their project.


I create a column that indicates a Y or N response (Y wouild be the criteria for that item to show up on a main sheet that collects data from all 10 clients) (N means it would not show up)


Can a create a Master Sheet that will display all the information from a selected set of sheets that meet certain criteria.?


For example, the main sheet will tell me which items have been marked Y and/or are overdue.


Can this be accomplish with cell linking or in some other formati?




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