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I have a workflow created using Zapier so that when a new row is added to my master project sheet via a form entry it will update the first row in a template sheet and create a new project sheet from that sample sheet. This all works great with the exception I have one formula that uses a vlookup to tell the status of that project from my master project sheet - the formula comes up correct but as an external error message come up.

Is there a way to keep cross references live when creating copies of sheets??


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     Currently, we don’t have a method to allow VLOOKUP Functions or Cross-Sheet Formulas to recognize newly added sheets and automatically connect to them. But this will be considered as a possibility for future development. 


    However, current VLOOKUPS referencing a sheet will continue to perform as normal when referencing the sheet. Meaning if the new data added via a form meets the criteria of the VLOOKUP it should be recognized by the formula and calculate accordingly. If you're finding you're receiving an error when performing this action you'll want to submit a support ticket so we can further investigate.




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  • Hi @eric.o , can I clarify on this? If you have a template that you use to create other documents, the only cross-sheet formulas that don't work are trying to find VLOOKUP or information in the newly created sheet, right? But nothing happens to the formulas in the new templated sheet and its formulas that link to other sheets (i.e. where you had formulas in the template, it will still work)?

    In practice, it seems to be the case, but the warning it kicks up when making a template isn't clear which cross-sheet formulas won't work.

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