Returning a cell value if false

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Hello all.

Pretty new to Smartsheet here. I am trying to create a call that checks if one column, Trip, contains a value 1st, if it does NOT contain the value 1st, I want it to populate the contents of the corresponding cell in column Job Description.

I keep running into errors attempting to nest the cell call =[Job Description]1 in an IF statement.


=IF(Trip1 = "1st", " ", =IF(Trip1 = "2nd", =[Job Description]1 , =IF(Trip1 = "3rd" , =[Job Description]1)))

is probably the closest, as far as I can tell, to what I need, but I still cannot make that =Cell1 call work in a formula. Does it require special brackets? I have tried square and parentheses and I saw somewhere that curly brackets are for specific data views regarding editors.


Any time I try to add the call for another cell into the formula it gives an invalid operation. Is there a workaround for this?


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