After Reducing Cross-Sheet References

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I hit my maximum cross sheet reference of 25000 - I removed a SUBSTANTIAL amount of columns that were pulling useless information (we realized we didn't really as much information like we thought we did.) But - since removing a high quantity of cell links, my sheet is still not calculate the remaining information.... Also - I removed cell links on a bunch of other sheets to reduce things and it STILL won't calculate. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated - hoping I can get my sheets to calculate in some way and not have to re-do everything. :-( 


Thank you in advance. 


  • How long ago did you make this change?  I think there's a delay until it registers the new link count. 

  • About an hour ago. Maybe a little more? I have manually refreshed the page, signed out and back into Smartsheets. Is it something systematically that Smartsheets does that counts the cell link? Like once a day or something? 

    Thank you for your help!!

  • J. Craig WilliamsJ. Craig Williams Top Contributor

    The delay is typically 2 hours.

    Submit a product request to allow Admin's to 'purge' them. I did.


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