Create a template set with linked cells

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I use two sheets to track one project. I use these same two sheets for many projects. One is a fully detailed list of every task's status, assigned to, and start/due dates, and the other is an abbreviated version that only contains specific tasks for a person(s) that is assigned to the project. Every cell in the abbreviated sheet is updated from the fully detailed sheet. We have to do this because we share the abbreviated sheet in Teams so the assigned person(s) can see the task they must work on and it's due date. With over 50 cells linked, it is way too time-consuming to relink these every time we start a new project. 

I've made each of these a template, but the source doesn't keep the outbound links and the receiving sheet still links to the master sheet before I created the template. Any help would be awesome on accomplishing this.