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Change Label in Calendar View

Steve Hayes
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts
Is there a way to change the label in calendar view? In Gantt I can go to project: settings/Timeline Display/Display label for; then select which column.


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Steve, the calendar view label is taken from the Primary column and cannot be changed to another column. Depending on your processes/sheet setup you might be able to move the content you want visible in the calendar, to the Primary column.

  • Anders Bøgh

    Are there any plans to implement this feature?


    It should be rather easy for you to implement an option where one can choose the column to display as label. Or even easier to just use the column selected for the Gantt-labels (and if Gantt haven't been activated just use Primary Column as fall back).


    BIG improvement for all users using the calendar view. Only a few hours of work!

  • Richard Lucas

    Would really appreciate this change.

  • L Thrasher
    L Thrasher ✭✭✭

    I would really appreciate if I could use something other than the primary column as the calendar label too.

  • Eric W.
    Eric W. ✭✭✭✭

    Please add my vote to this as well.  I just submitted a product enhancement request for this too.

  • Dusty Robinson
    Dusty Robinson ✭✭✭✭

    I would also love this feature.

  • Hello,

    I fully support this request too, it would be MUCH better to be able to define the Label by selecting any of the column, and not only the main one. Like it exists for the GANTT view.

    We count on you!

  • Ben Potter

    I would really like to be able to have the label in calendar view reflect multiple fields of the grid view.  For example, I have numerous projects running concurrently and each of these projects has multiple packages.  I would like for the calendar to reflect not only the job number but also the package number. This way, when the guys in manufacturing look at their calendars, they can see specifically, which package they need to be working on and not just the job (without clicking the ribbon, which gives all of the task info).  We have found that department schedules in calendar view are very effective for us.

    I have added a screenshot.  The area in the red box, red print notes.

    Calendar View Wishlist.png

  • Dominik Weller
    edited 02/22/18

    Full support for this request from my side. We often use tasks with the same name in different projects and currently there is no way in calender view to differentiate between those tasks. Please add an option for selecting which coloumn to display as label, like you did for Gantt view.


  • ryan.texer

    I completely agree. I would love to hear updates on this feature. 

  • SPDrew
    SPDrew ✭✭

    I'd love to see this.  We run several complex marketing campaigns simultaneously and use the report function to see them all together for each of the teams.   As the master sheets have the same tasks eg write thank you email, it is hard to differentiate them. In the gantt view I'm able to show the project, parent and task items easily and would love that for calendars.  The reason calendars is the team like the ical functionality so they can see their work in outlook and understand hte context of the project as well. With the current process have to keep jumping into the sheets or gantt view to make sure they are working on the right project.

    As I'm new to Smartsheets is there a list or section where you can actually put a vote on a future feature list that the devs review based on community requests or is it only in these forums?

  • KimF
    KimF ✭✭

    Agreed!  And what about multiple fields on the calendar?  An example could be project name and person responsible.  Primary field for us is often a number which doesn't mean much to anyone.

    Would be thrilled to see this addition.

    Thank you!

  • DonmanW

    So much really really want to change labels in calendar view, Please add this. The calendar view is friendlier to our teams. So many great reasons to do this listed here, and much more articulately than I am capable! 


  • CIPuyleart
    edited 07/20/18

    Another upvote here...or allow the primary field to be a concatenated value from other fields.

  • DonmanW

    With so much flexibility in Gant view it seems very limiting to not be able to change the calendar view's "display label" equivalent. Please incorporate this feature for calendar view.

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