Numbers importing as Scientific Notation


I am working with PO#'s in a smart sheet and joining this data with a SQL database to combine a few tables.  I use a visualization program called DOMO that I use to import the smart sheet data and the SQL data and join within the program to make one dataset.  The problem I am having is when I import the smartsheet the numbers are converted to scientific notation and no longer recognized as a 10 digit whole number that the other data is kept in. 

My work around for this is to add a ' before each number and then the entire number is imported as a whole number.  My question would be is there any way to set up the column to save this as just a string or text and make it not a number so it does not convert to scientific notation when I import to DOMO?


  • Hi there - I believe that you should be able to create a secondary column - call it "PO Conversion"

    Use a formula in that column =value(  )

    In between the parentheses you should select the cell you want to convert.  I tested in Smartsheet and it worked for me.

    Then use this field for your SQL pull.

    I hope this helps...

    Would you be willing to share more about DOMO?




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