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Exporting Resource View so non admin users can view


I see that you can export the Resource view to excel but can you export to a google doc? i.e. sheets?

I want to share the resource view with my team, who are not liscenced users. they are viewers only. ideally they would be able to see the view in smartsheet to take advantage of the interactive approach but i guess its not possible. 


  • Kate Richardson
    edited 01/04/16

    I now see how to view the exported file in sheets. Howerver, the format is not a good user experience. Is there anyway for non admin/liscenced users to view the resource view so they can see what projects they are on in real time on a weekly/daily/monthly format. 


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Kate, resource views are reserved for licensed resource viewers. 


    You might consider using reports to show all the tasks a user is assigned to. You can build a report that pulls in all the tasks assigned to a user across multiple projects and sheets. The report can be shown in Gantt view to give the user a visual aid in seeing when they work in a weekly/daily/monthly format. 

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