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External form and API 2.0 to insert a row in C#


I am attempting to use an external form (on our website written in C#) and the API 2.0 to insert a row into a sheet.  I am reading the API 2.0 Documentation (at http://smartsheet-platform.github.io/api-docs/?csharp#add-row(s)) but cannot figure out where I place the actual values submitted from the form within this code to be added as a new row.  Any help would be welcome!


The API 1.x code went something like this:

            string smartsheetAPIToken = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["SWTCSmartsheetToken"];
            long sheetID = 5551212345678910; //Smartsheet ID

            Token token = new Token();
            token.AccessToken = smartsheetAPIToken;

            SmartsheetClient smartsheet = new SmartsheetBuilder().SetAccessToken(token.AccessToken).Build();
            List<Column> cols = new List<Column>(smartsheet.Sheets().Columns().ListColumns(sheetID));

            Cell cell1 = new Cell();
            cell1.ColumnId = cols[0].ID;
            cell1.Value = DateTime.Now; //Date Time added
            Cell cell2 = new Cell();
            cell2.ColumnId = cols[1].ID;
            cell2.Value = firstName.Text; //First Name
            Cell cell3 = new Cell();
            cell3.ColumnId = cols[2].ID;
            cell3.Value = lastName.Text; //Last Name
            Cell cell4 = new Cell();
            cell4.ColumnId = cols[3].ID;
            cell4.Value = email.Text; //Email

            List<Cell> cells = new List<Cell>();

            Row row = new Row();
            row.Cells = cells;

            List<Row> rows = new List<Row>();

            RowWrapper rowWrapper = new RowWrapper.InsertRowsBuilder().SetRows(rows).SetToBottom(true).Build();

            smartsheet.Sheets().Rows().InsertRows(sheetID, rowWrapper);


  • Are there examples of how an external form might use the API (2.0) to add a row to a sheet?

  • Kim Brandl

    Hi Michael,


    Regarding how column (cell) values are specified for the new Row -- you do this by creating a collection of cells (referred to as"cellsA" in the sample code in the API documentation: http://smartsheet-platform.github.io/api-docs/?csharp#add-row(s)).  When creating that collection, you specify "new Cell.AddCellBuilder(column_id, column_value).Build()" for each cell you want to populate within the row.  For example, based upon the value mappings shown in the .CS file you attached previously -- your new code would look something like this:
    // Specify cell values for first row.
    Cell[] cellsA = new Cell[] { 
    new Cell.AddCellBuilder(cols[0].ID, DateTime.Now).Build(), 
    new Cell.AddCellBuilder(cols[1].ID, firstName.Text).Build(), 
    new Cell.AddCellBuilder(cols[2].ID, lastName.Text).Build(), 
    new Cell.AddCellBuilder(cols[3].ID, maidenName.Text).Build(), 
    new Cell.AddCellBuilder(cols[4].ID, email.Text).Build(), 
    new Cell.AddCellBuilder(cols[5].ID, address.Text).Build(), 
    new Cell.AddCellBuilder(cols[6].ID, city.Text).Build(), 
    new Cell.AddCellBuilder(cols[7].ID, StateDropDown.StateName).Build(), 
    new Cell.AddCellBuilder(cols[8].ID, zip.Text).Build(), 
    new Cell.AddCellBuilder(cols[9].ID, phone.Text).Build(), 
    .....[continue adding "Cell.AddCellBuilder(column_id, column_value).Build()" until each cell is represented in this collection].....
    // Specify contents of first row.
    Row rowA = new Row.AddRowBuilder(true, null, null, null, null).SetCells(cellsA).Build();
    // Add row to sheet.
    smartsheet.SheetResources.RowResources.AddRows(sheetId, new Row[] {rowA});
    (In the API 1.1 code you provided, the example code I've included above would effectively replace all code starting with the line that reads "Cell cell1 = new Cell();" and continuing through the end of that file.)


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