Lag between sheet structure update and Report Builder

David Ungar
David Ungar ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I have seen this happen a few times .. I change the column names in a sheet and then go to build a report - the new column names are not shown in report builder. Sometimes it takes over 24 hours for the right column names to show up in report builder.   

See attached..

  • Type field is shown twice in Report Builder
  • Task Name column does not show at all in Report Builder
  • "Start" and "Finish" columns still show as "start" and "finish" in the report after changing column names to capitals.


(I haven't tracked the pattern yet - might have to do with there being two sheets involved. The scenario is usually that I am trying to report on two or more sheets and I have to change column names in one of the sheets to match the column name in the other sheet.)

...Changes I made to the sheets were:

  1. Added Type field to Sheet 1
  2. Renamed column 3 in Sheet 2 to Task Name
  3. Changed column names in Sheet 2 from 'start' & 'finish' to 'Start' & 'Finish'


Is this a known issue?



  • Lauren B
    Lauren B ✭✭✭✭

    I've run into this a few times. When I called SmartSheet support, they recommended leaving the source sheet(s) and refreshing SmartSheet from the Home screen. When I went back into the report, the columns had updated. Not very convenient, but better than waiting 24 hours. 

    The "Type" column appearing twice with the same heading is odd though. Are they formatted the same? Or is there a chance one is a free text column and the other is a drop-down?

  • David Ungar

    Thanks, Lauren!  I can see why that *should* work .. I tried closing all Smartsheet Tabs and then reopening & refreshing the browser .. no change, but I'll keep experimenting with that.


    You are correct about the Type field - I missed that!  Curiously, when I change the column type so they're both the same, the combined column works fine in Report Builder,  but the other fields are still not showing properly.