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Hiding the values

Hayley Puhn
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

What I'm trying to solve. First we have Duration Hrs x hourly rate = Total hours. I have the formula set up in Total Hours to be able to auto calculated the numbers when you put the duration hrs and the $ hourly rate. What I'm trying to do is, simply put in the Duration hrs and not have to type the constant of hourly rate and it simply auto calculates the total.  How do I  put the duration hrs in and skip typing in the hourly rate and it auto populates the total into the Total Cost column?


  • Joel Johnson

    If you put an equation in the Hourly rate cell, it will auto fill the equation just like it is the Total hours.  For instance, if the Hourly rate is always the same, just make the equation.  


    =$[Hourly Rate]$1


    Actually type the rate in the first row and put this equation in the next couple of lines. 

    It will auto-fill the rate forever more and calculate your totals as well.


    Good Luck.


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