project management

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

We are a land developer. We currently have two large projects underway.

We are experienced with Smart Sheet and use to aggregate data via Zaps and internal data to dashboards to manage our sales group and advertising and marketing impact. 

We will contract with four builders to build spec homes in our subdivisions. We will use the Smart Sheet project management templates and will convert to managing each new home. We are not responsible for doing the construction steps but want to monitor each phase and progress within a phase to indicate: stage of completion, on or off schedule, draw to be released to builder, estimate of final completion and more. 

We need to engage a consultant to quickly modify  the Smart Sheet Template set to fit our requirement. Need recommendations or better yet would like to be contacted by consultant that can do this work. Thank you, Rodger 520-906-7575    or