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Can anyone provide examples on how they use Smartsheet for their personal budget / finances / expenses? Smartsheet has a template but I am curious to see how others use Smartsheet for this topic. 


Feel free to comment with screen shots attached and blackout any personal info.


  • Bob Andrews

    I know you are not asking for templates but I have been using this template and it works great: https://www.smartsheet.com/solutions/monthly-budget-tracker


    I added formulas and conditional formatting rules to highlight cells that are over or under my budget so I can quickly identify problem areas. Its easy to add and remove categories based on what I want to track and I can use charts in Smartsheet Labs to view graphs about my spending habits. 



  • CassieCM

    Does anyone know how you could use this template if you are paid bi-weekly and not monthly or bi-monthly?

    My hubby is paid bi-monthly, but my salary is bi-weekly, so i haven't figured how to calculated it nicely/properly in this template.. i can approximate 2 pay periods per month, but it's not actual.



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