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Synching multiple items per day to Google Calendar




My company tracks vacation/personal days using Smartsheet. We export to Google Calendars which is what we use for most event/meeting planning. The problem I'm having is that when more than three people take the same day off, only three of the people show up on the Google Calendar. Its only happened a few times but it seems like the three that show up are the first alphabetically/higher on the smartsheet spreadsheet.


There are less than 600 lines in the smartsheet so I know that's not the issue. And when I go to Calendar view everything shows up as expected, so it seems to me like an issue of porting multiple events/tasks/people/what have you from Smartsheet to Google Calendar.


The columns of the spreadsheet are

Employee | # of Days | Start Date | End Date | Available (checkbox | Comments


And each employee is a parent to make everything collapsible/easy to scroll through.


We're a small but growing company so I'd like to get this issue fixed now before it starts to be a real pain. Much appreciation if anyone has any insight on this or knows of any workarounds.




  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Kahealani, to confirm, you are using the Publish to Google Cal tool, correct? I just tested this where I had 15 tasks on one day and they all appear in Google Calendar. Here's a screenshot:



    That was taken in week view. I do notice in month view, only 4 tasks are shown but it has a button to show the additional tasks. 


    Perhaps there is a setting somewhere in Google Calendar that limits the number of entries that are displayed? I did a quick search but wasnt able to find one - I might have missed it though. 


    As a test, create a new sheet with 5-10 tasks on the same day and publish the calendar to Google Cal and see if they are all displayed. 

    Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 9.00.46 AM.png

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