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Google add-in: "Combine into one file" changes the orientation of the document

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Hi there,


I'm using the SmartSheet add-in to print onto custom envelopes via Google Docs.

I've laid out the merge fields so they print in the right spot of my envelope.

The doc in Google is Landscape.

When I create individual PDFs or Google Docs, they appear as landscape too.

However, when I "Combine into one PDF", the final document is portrait and doesn't print the fields in the right location.





  • Joseph Miller
    Joseph Miller Employee
    edited 01/14/16

    Hi Jessica,


    Chances are you have a header and footer in the Google Doc. If that's the case, there are known issue with creating a single PDF, where it cuts out the header and footer, which throws off your formatting and alignment for the entire document. 


    If you want to create a single PDF, I'd suggest trying to remove the header and footer from the Google Doc, and try it that way. 


    If you still have issues, shoot an email to smartsheetlabs@smartsheet.com so we can do some more troubleshooting.




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