Smartsheet cell data linking to excel or word.

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Hello to all. 

We are about to jump into smartsheet use for our company, however I would like to know about functionnality: is it possible to link certains Sheets data to a Word or Excel, offline template, in export ?

Here is a usage scenario : We do need to manage IT rollouts projetcs, with Site surveys, Installations, and reportings. Field data (Text,numeric, images) are collected by technicians (trough forms), and we would manage it in Smartsheet.

However, we need to be able to export some of those data, to a Customer predefined Excel or Word Template. Where the layout is already built.

I come from another "Low-code online database system", named "DoForms", where I am able to upload these XLS template, where each designated cell would have the "data name" contained in brackets, like [City], [Device], [Image 1], [Image 2] ....etc

And then I am able to export my collected data, to the already formatted template.Exemple here :


Simply Put, Like on this Smartsheets templates page :,

I would like to ba able to have data stored in smartsheet way, but when downloaded, that data being automatically affected to designated cells in Excel or Word templates....

Is this something posible ?

Many Thnaks for your answers !