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I am trying to write an IF statements that allows me to set either an up, sideways or down arrow based on the the difference between two dates. I have found many example and have tried to reverse engineer them however I am not having any luck

Basically if the two date fields when subtracted = a number less then or = 7 then display Up arrow 

OR if the two date fields when subtracted = a number between 8 and 12 then display Sideways arrow 

OR if the two date fields is greater than 13 then display Down Arrow


Here is what I have but its indicating Unparseable. Not sure if I have ( ) in the right place. Any help would be great, 


=IF([End Date]1 - [Base Line END Date]1 >= 1, [End Date]1 - [Base Line END Date]1 <= 7, “Up”, IF([End Date]1 - [Base Line END Date]1 >= 8, [End Date]1 - [Base Line END Date]1 <= 12, “Sideways”,“Down”))



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