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Calendar view - more than two dates / no start-finish date?

JLC ✭✭✭✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

A bit of a strange question here. I'm working with a team that deals with e-news. Smartsheet is used to record the individual news pieces, who the recipient is, and the date that it is being sent out. Each news story goes out on three seperate dates (current week's Tuesday, current week's Thursday, next week's Tuesday). Two important needs for this team's leader are to be able to view their news dates in calendar view and to minimize work for their team members. As such, they are against having to add the same stories for the same news three seperate times. Instead, they'd like to have one line in the Smartsheet for a single news story, be able to assign three seperate dates to it, BUT have it show up three seperate times in the calendar view instead of as a start of the current Tuesday and a finish of the next week's Tuesday.


Hopefully this makes sense. Can anybody think of a workaround?


  • SashaR

    The calendar and Gantt chart can only display utilize one start and end date column so you wont be able to have multiple dates on a calendar from a single row. 


    One option is to create the three rows for each date, then indent the rows under a parent row, then collapse the children. This will give the impression of a single row, while having three dates on your calendar. 


    Not perfect but a good workaround we have used in the past! 

  • JLC
    JLC ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Sasha, I myself don't mind doing this as a coordinator for the team but when they have ~5-10 stories, each on their own line, and each being repeated those three dates, it might get difficult for them to do on their own. Ideally we'd like their marketing specialists to be able to complete a form with the needed information and not have to be in Smartsheet at all!

    I'll play around with your suggestion - again, I myself could see that as a viable workaround but we're preaching to a group that wants to be in Smartsheet as little as possible.

    Thanks :)

  • Jennifer H

    Jaye, did you ever find a solution to this? I believe I am trying to do something similar, where I have a project that goes out for customer approval. I want to row to have a break during that 2 week period, so it will show that my designer actually has availabilty during that time period to pick up another project.

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