How do I return a value, based on a date, between dates? (versus week numbers)?

Jef Forward
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I am trying to return a value to a cell, based on a date condition at the top of the column.  For example, if there were 52 columns of the "week dates" in a year.  The parameter for the return value is IF the date condition falls between a start date and finish date.  

I have been able to do this when I convert all dates to a week number date (=WEEKNUMBER([Column2]14)

The formula for this is below. It works pretty well, but I dont like having to have the helper columns for the week number conversion.  

=IF(AND($[start week]$14 <= [weeknumber]3, $[Complete week]$14 >= [weeknumber]3), $GPweek$14, "0")

Is there a way I can do this by just using the actual dates? Thanks, Jef


  • eric.o
    eric.o Employee


    Happy to help.  Currently, we don’t have a WEEK Function to determine week of the year but this will be considered as a possibility for future development.



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