Jira Connector - Epic and FixVersion Conflict/Issue

Will Tingley
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

When setting up a query to pull all issueTypes and fixVersions the query fails (and workflow is disabled) with the following error:

"Your workflow has been disabled due to the following error: Invalid mapping or filter configuration. Unable to fetch value for column 'Fix Versions'. To correct this issue, please log into Smartsheet for JIRA and edit the workflow to re-enable it."

If I remove Epics with a negative query (issueType != Epic) keeping the fixVersion data field mapping requirement - the workflow runs perfectly - but I now have no Epics being pulled into the sheet.

Is this a Bug or deliberate?

Is there a work around as I would like to have both Epics and the fixVersion in the sheet.


  • Robert Poddar

    Hi Will

    I have been able to pull tickets based on FixVersion..we don't have epic in the FixVersion..FixVersion carries the code branch version that is supposed to fix the issue. 

    If I am right in reading your query, you are trying to pull tickets into Smartsheet that has both the Epic and the FixVersion..

    If so, you can use the custom JQL option in the "Add Filter" page of the JIRA connector.. the custom JQL could be like epic = epic name OR FixVersion =xx.yy.zz (your code version)..


    Hope this helps..

  • Will Tingley

    Hi Robert,

    Thank you for your response - this is not quite what I was trying to explain, so sorry for any confusion.

    I am pulling ALL tickets from a Jira project.

    I am looking to map some data fields, but in particular I would like the fixVersion data to pull through.

    I am noticing that the whole data flow fails (and disables) when mapping the fixVersion data requirement, with ALL jira issues coming through.

    If i remove the fixVersion requirement the data flow works perfectly (other data mapped fields enabled)

    If I re-enable the fixVersion requirement but exclude all Epics (using the JQL query) the data flow works perfectly.

    This make me conclude that there is an issue when trying to pull ALL tickets (including Epics) and map the data field 'fixVersion'


    - This is a bug 

    - This is designed not to allow Epics to share fixVersions

    - Another issue I cannot see

    I hope this is a bit clearer?

    Many thanks.