Stuck on If Statements

stashageisler ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

Hi team,

I'm building a dashboard and I need to show the current metric. I thought I'd show this by showing each month (for a chart) and using this formula to obtain the current: 

=IF(DEC3 = "", NOV3, IF(NOV3 = "", OCT3, IF(OCT3 = "", SEP3, IF(SEP3 = "", AUG3, IF(AUG3 = "", JUL3, IF(JUL3 = "", JUN3, IF(JUN3 = "", MAY3, IF(MAY3 = "", APR3, IF(APR3 = "", MAR3, IF(MAR3 = "", FEB3, IF(FEB3 = "", JAN3, DEC3)))))))))))

See screenshot 

To test, I start by deleting Dec, then Nov, then Oct. By the time I delete Nov - my Current shows blank.

Any ideas? 

If Statements.PNG


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