Embed (non-published) Smartsheet elements in a Microsoft Teams tab

Mark Mader
Mark Mader Employee
edited 06/14/22 in Add Ons and Integrations

With the introduction of Direct Links last December, one now has more options for how to embed Smartsheet elements within Microsoft Teams.  In addition to embedding published content via the Smartsheet for Microsoft Teams app extension, you can now simply copy/paste a Direct Link url into the Microsoft Teams 'Website' widget (highlighted in the image). 

The possibility of this came up in a conversation with a customer this week, where they wanted to have Smartsheet sheet, report, and dashboard permissions enforced inside of Teams (vs. solely using MS Teams permissions). This enables someone to control specific access to embedded content vs. having anyone with access to the channel being able to access it. 

Note - there is a know issue that has been reported to Microsoft that prevents embedded website pages requiring authentication, from rendering.  This technique works well in the installed Teams client app however.