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Hello All,

I am trying to create a smartsheet to optimize a process. Basically what I need is a statement to recognize if a cell has a specific text value (for example CUP). If the cell contains the value, I need the cell, that I am writing the statement into, to display text (for example Andrej).

I tried to use the IF statement syntax but either I am getting something wrong or I do not know how to format the statement. The statement I tried to use was:

=IF(Customer1="CUP", Andrej)

I tried variations with switching up the brackets and everything but nothing seems to work.

I also want to nest this IF statement to be able to assign multiple customers to a person. For example if the customers CUP and MUG appeared, my cell value would be Andrej. And if the customer values PLATE and FORK appeared then my cell value would be Brian.

Thank you for your response in advance,

Andrej Sulek



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