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phone numbers

01/28/16 Edited 12/09/19

how do i make a phone number in a cell able to be clicked on so that my phone recognises it as a number and auto selects the phone function?



  • J. Craig WilliamsJ. Craig Williams Top Contributor



    It appears that Smartsheet only supports http and https URL's. Travis will correct me if I am wrong.




    I tried the "usual suspects" - callto, tel, skype, but they did not work.

    I also tried just a valid phone number (with country code) but that did not work either.


    I believe Smartsheet does not do this natively.

    I think Zapier does (www.zapier.com) and you could likely add that functionality with the API.


    Contact me if you want to go the API route.

    [email protected]





  • TravisTravis Employee

    Craig, I believe Blair is referring to the ability to click a phone number in a sheet through the Android app and having it open the phone's dialer. 


    Blair, due to the way Android handles phone numbers with some of the tools our mobile developers are using, they are not clickable in the app right now (they are clickable in the iOS app). We are working to get this functionality added in future releases. 

  • J. Craig WilliamsJ. Craig Williams Top Contributor

    I'm not smart enough for Smart Phones.

    I use Smartsheet on my tablet though. So I'm getting there.



  • TravisTravis Employee

    You know thats not true, Craig! Wink

  • Thanks Travis, interestingly if you enter an email address it creates a link that you can click through to yourr email app but the phone number doesnt. not technical enough to know why the difference? look forward to the functionality being added:)

  • Here's also my vote for this functionality!


    Additionally: Make it work in calendar view in the app. 


    So you can view todays planning/appointments, click on it and directly click on customers phonenumber to call him. 

  • Hey guys!


    Do you have any idea when this function will be released? 

    Because at the moment i'm really thinking of buying iPhone to make my life easier..  :D


    And it would be cool to have same thing with addresses.. Just tap on them and choose app to open with..

  • Hi Herman—We've found that making phone numbers clickable creates an unresponsive environment in the Android app. This is due to the way that Android OS interprets and creates a clickable phone number.


    To make sure that the Android app runs as smoothly as possible, we've disabled the ability to make phone numbers clickable until Android OS can figure out a way to make the experience better overall.


    iOS currently doesn't reduce the performance of applications when making phone numbers clickable, hence the feature being available in the iOS app.

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