Resource View Filtered by Workspace, Folder or Sheet

Tewks ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I'm running into a challenge getting the Resource View to work.  

I've created a '2019 Roadmap Planning' sheet that contains all of the projects that my team will be working on this year.  I've Assigned my team the the various projects and Allocated their time to those projects.  When I choose the Resource View for this sheet it shows my team, but it shows their Allocation for not only this sheet, but for other sheets, as well.  This puts them way over 100% and is not an accurate representation of my Resource Planning for the year. 

How can I filter the resource view so that it only shows the allocations from my sheet?

I understand that the Resource View is designed to show a resource's allocations across all sheets, which would be useful in many situations, but not in all situations.  Here are a few reasons that you would want to limit the sheets that are used in the Resource View.

  1. I've also put together a '2019 Roadmap Planning - Tentative' that shows how I would allocate resources if I get the additional team member that I've requested.  I might also created one based on how 2019 might look differently depending on the projects we choose to do.  These alternative views of 2019 all show up on the Resource View which provides an inaccurate picture.
  2. I can't control how other people in the company manage their sheets.  There might be project managers that have allocated some of my team on their projects, but don't keep their projects up to date or haven't approached me to request my teams time.  In short, their sheets are not a 'system of record' for my team and I don't need them impacting my Resource View of my team.

Thanks for any suggestions on how I can make this excellent tool for me.