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Is it possible for a single user to have access to multiple Smartsheet accounts with the same login?

If so, is it possible to login to one account and then switch to the other account .


  • Hello—

    There currently isn't a way to associate one email address with multiple Smartsheet accounts. When you have moment, submit an enhancement request with the feedback form on the right of the community site.

    A single email address can have access to multiple sheets, reports, dashboards, and workspaces as long as they're shared to them. Details on sharing are available here.

    If you have a specific use case that you're trying to work through, you're welcome to reply so I or someone in the community can provide a potential workaround.

  • hello, working with a contractor that already has an account with another client. This unexpected issue totally defeats the purpose of smartsheet's unlimited collaborators... huge drawback for my small team since the whole reason we have smartsheet is to collaborate with external users

  • Hello @Diane314

    Can I clarify why you need to make this contractor a member of your plan?

    Since this contractor already has an account, you can share your sheets directly with that user and they will have access to the items needed (please see Shaine's link on Sharing above).

    Let me know if there's a specific scenario you're trying to achieve and I'm happy to help.



  • Mary_AMary_A ✭✭✭✭✭
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    @Genevieve P We have this same issue and we are sharing. So, I'm not clear how sharing helps.

    [email protected] is a client of ours. We manage events for them. The events are tracked on a dashboard. [email protected] is part of the thecompanygroup in our instance. He has been accessing an event dashboard with this account -- which he uses to log into Smartsheet. likes what we have done with Smartsheet so much that they have decided to implement some new projects on their own Smartsheet instance.

    Now, my collaborator is being told to drop the account on our instance. How can I add them to a group on my instance if they don't exist as a collaborator on my instance under the [email protected] email?

  • Hi @Mary_A

    Great question! It sounds like you're most concerned about adding a collaborator to a group. You can add any contact you like to a Group, they don't need to be part of your multi-user plan or even a current Smartsheet user (see here).

    Joe can change where his license comes from or what pan he's a member of (so he can move over to TheCompany's account) and you can still share your Dashboard with him, add him to groups, and share him with editing or admin permissions to your sheets. He will log in with the same email address to see your dashboard in addition to other items that his company has shared with him.

    The difference here is between collaborating with a user and managing their account.

    Now, once Joe moves over to TheCompany's account, it means you will no longer have control over his account details. What I mean by that is, the System Admin for TheCompany can help Joe re-set his password if he forgets, or they can transfer any sheets that Joe owns to another user. (See here for other actions a System Admin can take.) Joe will also have access to any additional features that this company has purchased with their plan, such as access to the Center of Excellence or maybe even some Premium Applications... or he will lose that access if you had these benefits but the new company does not.

    Additionally, since he is no longer a member of your plan, you will not be able to track him in Resource Management (as he is no longer one of your resources). But this does not prevent him from being in any groups or shared to any of your items.

    Does this help clarify the difference between being a member of a plan and being a collaborator? If there's another specific instance you're wondering about, I'm happy to run through the scenario with you in more detail.



  • I have 2 companies, a unique email for each one, and I would like to be able to toggle between them without having to log out and log back in to the right one.

    It sounds like this is not possible.. It's frustrating. Like @jond17 i need exactly what they are asking for that started this thread.

  • Here is some examples of companies that have done this really well..



    and there's many others..

  • Hi @nyinva

    You're correct, it currently isn't possible to toggle between different Smartsheet accounts that are associated with separate plans. You will need to log out and then log in as the other account, or use a different browser (or incognito mode) for the second login. Please submit your feedback and suggestion to our Product team through this form, here!



  • katfooddfwkatfooddfw ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello @Genevieve P.!

    I have a similar question.

    If I log out of my SS account (that I am the owner and admin of) can I log into a client's account as an admin or a role that gives me full creation access on their account with the same email address? If so, what are the cleanest steps? I need to be an admin (I think) in order to create new sheets, build rules, etc. and optimize the client's workflow. The client is hiring me to mirror some of the best practices I have created in my account. If not, how can I get a developer role or similar so I can work with this client?

    Thank you!


  • Hi @katfooddfw

    It actually sounds like you don't need to log out of your current account at all. As long as you have a license you can build and own sheets.

    What I would recommend doing is set up a Workspace that is shared to these external collaborators, giving them Admin access. Then you can create your items in this shared Workspace and eventually transfer Ownership of the workspace over to one of their licensed users instead.

    See: Transfer Ownership of a Workspace



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