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How to Filter by Parant row (including Children)?

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i have a smart sheet with about 100 projects (rows) more and more are being added.

each projects may or may not have ever changing amounts of children (ToDos)


i have one checkbox in the parant row indicating the project is live.


The question is: How do i filter out all live projects? Or put diferently how do I filter by parant criterias and also filter out its children?


As when i filter the children stay.





  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    When you filter, there is a checkbox for "Show parent rows".

    It is checked by default.

    By this is backwards from your thinking. It sounds like you want a "Show children rows".


    Instead of marking the projects that are 'live', you could instead mark the ones that are not. 

    Then in the filter, filter for unchecked. Or create a report to show the unchecked ones.


    If you keep completed tasks, check them as they are completed.


    Hope that helps.






  • yea unfortunatly when i filter for the not live projects the children of the not live projects also disapeer.


    same problem other way around :( 

  • Could you use the same checkbox on the child rows to indicate they are part of an live project? You could then use that criteria to filter out projects. 

  • Julius
    edited 02/05/16

    yea that works i was wandering if there was a better way as the more steps there are to ensure a working Smartsheet the less likly it is going to be used by the team. ;)

  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    To be clear, 


    You have one or more parent rows for projects.

    Under each project is one or more tasks.


    The project row (only) has a check box to determine whether the project is "active/live" or not.


    Add this formula to every row except the first:


    =IF(COUNT(CHILDREN([Primary Column]2)) > 0, 1, IF(COUNT(CHILDREN([Primary Column]2)) = 0, Live1, 0))


    This will check all parent / project rows AND check all children by looking at the row above it for its value.


    When you uncheck the [Live] check box, all children will be unchecked too.


    When you add rows anywhere but the first row, auto-fill will add the formula for you.


    Note that once you check/uncheck the [Live] column, the formula is gone, but the assumption is you are only checking/unchecking the parent/project rows.






  • I would really like an option to "include children" in filtering. Many times my parent role has a number of headers that are important and by which I want to filter almost a hundred projects, each of which have 2-20 children (total sheet is 1200+ rows). It's cumbersome to have to drag the parent value down to all the children to get the filtering to work. There's an option for "include parent rows" which is great; should be easy to add "include children rows" too. 

  • Add my vote for an Include Children rows button

  • Yes, I too would like to request an Include Child Rows option.

  • I would also add my vote for an Include Child Rows filtering option.

  • Please add my vote for an Include Child Rows filtering option.

  • Yes, please add this feature...include child rows!

  • Please add my vote. Just started using Smartsheet and immediately recognised the need for this functionality plus configuring the calendar such that the first day of the week is Monday

  • For the Calendar bit...

    If you are talking about the Calendar view...you're out of luck,

    but you can do so for the Gantt view.

    Click on the  the Gear icon (settings) in the Gantt portion of the view (where the timeline headers are) and go to "Timeline Display".

    Modify the settings there to your liking

  • Mikey
    Mikey ✭✭✭✭

    I'd like to vote for the 'Include Children rows' feature

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