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Changing Font Size In Gantt Chart


Hi,  I am very new to SM and can not figure out how to make the font on the Gantt sheet area larger.   I made the details larger but it did not transfer over to the Chart.




  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Good question Lisa! The Gantt chart label text is a fixed format and cannot be changed. The text is taken from your grid, so if you have trouble reading the text in the Gantt chart, look to the grid instead (which can have larger font).


    You could also use your browser zoom to zoom in, which would increase the size of everything in the app, including the Gantt bar text. 

  • BellDiversity

    That's all well and good for when I use it on a computer, but I'm trying to export for inclusion in a report and it's impossible to read the text. This comment was posted a couple of years ago, have you improved the usability yet? 

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