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filter shows removed items

I have a sheet which contained among other things a column which had abbreviated shortnames for countries... like IN for India, AU for Australia... At certain rows, it has also been updated as IND & AUS..

i was in the process of changing the abbreviated names from IN / IND to India & AUS / AU to Australia.. From the column filter, I selected IN & IND and then changed it to INDIA... i saved the sheet. then I once again selected the filter to change AUS /AU but to my surprise, the list of items in the filter window still showed IN / IND. I double checked and there is no cell with IND / IN... I initially thought it as a bug but the same thing is happening for AUS / AU also... I still see these redundant entries in filter though i have saved, logged off and logged in.. Also tried clearing my browser cache and logging in..

I have almost different abbreviated names for 80 countries and it is a pain to clean the row of duplicates

Anybody else facing this issue ?? Any pointers to over come would be of great help


  • JamesR
    JamesR ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Is the Cilumn a Dropdown list.  If it is it is because the values are in the dropdown and includes them as an option.


    If the column is not a drop down it should work fine.

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