Notifications of Changes Made To Cells

FazalurRehman ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hello Experts

I really like the feature of Notifications when I am informed of any changes made to the sheet content by any of our staff whom I have given Editor - Can Not Share permission.

However, if the value of a cell is changed, while in the Notification I can see the new value, I do not see what it was before the person changed it.

So for example if I had a Finish Date column reading "25th March 2019" in a particular tasks Row, if my staff / collaborator changes that cell value to "25th April 2019", through Notification I will know what change was made and who made it and when he/she made that change,,,,,but it will not show me what was the value there BEFORE the change was made.... which can be of critical value to me....

So is there a way of knowing what was the new value changed from? What were the cell contents BEFORE the change was made by the Editor ?

Appreciate a reply or suggestion to cater to the need.

Many thanks....Fazal