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Pete S
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I'm trying to develop a pie graph based on a sheet of projects with R/Y/G reporting.  Basic pie graph with % of total by status indicator. 

The issue I'm getting is that SmartSheet requires integers for graphs, I think.  If anyone has a workaround please let me know.  I could assign an integer based on R/Y/G status, but then how do I represent R/Y/G instead of the integer value? 





  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    YOu could build a chart as below...


    Color         Count          Helper

        R            formula        Red

        Y            formula        Yellow

        G           formula        Green


    The formula would be:


    (on a separate sheet)

    =COUNTIFS({Main Sheet Range 1}, Helper@row)


    (on the same sheet)

    =COUNTIFS([RYG Column]:[RYG Column], Helper@row)


    This will pull your counts. When building the pie chart you would select the first two columns. Your labels would then be "R", "Y", "G", or you could do away with the legend entirely and just change the colors of the chart to reflect the corresponding color counts.