Checkbox in Column if RYB is Red or Yellow, Not checked if Green in Risk Column

edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions


I am new to using formulas and am struggling with trying to automatically check a checkbox in one column if, in the Risk column, the RYG risk is red or yellow, not checked if risk is Green. I am able to get the following formula to work for red and yellow:

=IF(OR(Risk1 = "Red", Risk1 = "Yellow"), 1, 1)

I am not able to get the following formula to work with the green condition added (it comes back as "#unparseable"):

=IF(OR(Risk1 = "Red", Risk1 = "Yellow", Risk1 = "Green"), 1, 1, 0)​​​​​​​

Any guidance is much appreciated.



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