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Create To-Do Lists for Team from Assigned Tasks

Sophie Waters
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts



The company I am trialling Smartsheet for have many projects all happening at the same time.

When I assign a task to a team member through assigned tasks, is it possible for this to auto-create a task list for each staff member, like a daily schedule / calendar for who this is assigned to?


At the moment the manager uses the outlook calendar for each team member to easily identify how much time the team have for additional tasks in one view.

All I can see by the Smartsheet calender is everyone per project and not for their entire work day.


For example;


Each team member can see what they are to be doing each day over all projects in one view by their Outlook calendar, we will never be working on one project at a time.


I am unable to give my MD an answer to this and this is what is holding us back from going with Smartsheet. We need to minimise as much manual input as possible.


I hope my queries make sense, please ask any questions and I look forward to any responses I may receive.


Many thanks,





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