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Combining Formulas

02/15/16 Edited 12/09/19

I am currently using 2 columns to identify tasks "Due in Next 2 Days" and "Past Due/No Schedule". I have been trying to nest the two formulas together to get the status in the same column. How can the following formulas be combined togateher:


=IF(AND(Due6 <= TODAY() + 2, NOT(Due6 < TODAY()), NOT(Status6 = "Completed")), "Due in 2 Days", "")




=IF(AND(TODAY() > Due6, NOT(Status6 = "Completed")), "Past Due/No Schedule", "")


  • TravisTravis Employee

    Tariq - Try this:


    =IF(AND(Due6 <= TODAY() + 2, NOT(Due6 < TODAY()), NOT(Status6 = "Completed")), "Due in 2 Days", IF(AND(TODAY() > Due6, NOT(Status6 = "Completed")), "Past Due/No Schedule", ""))


    With nested IF statements, you can just add the next IF statement where you would add the "if false" statement. Then add the "if false" at the end. 


    Here's a post on building nested IF statements: https://www.smartsheet.com/blog/support-tip-build-nested-IF

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