Multiple Individuals to CC when sending a Email.

M. J. Tefft
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Currently when you send an email on a certain row you can only CC one individual and that his yourself. Can I have multiple individuals added to this CC? Typically I am sending correspondence to customers and ideally would like to CC individuals in my company that I have sent a specific email.

Presently I have to receive the email that was CCed to me in my own email and forwarded on to the people within the company that need to be updated about the correspondence.

It would be ideal if I could add individuals to be CCed on correspondence.


  • Perhaps you can set up an additional contact column setup for "interested parties". You could have actions go to one, and alerts to another initiated by the same row trigger. Would something like that work? You can even setup multiple contacts in a single cell (up to 20 I believe).