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I have a question about resource view. At the moment, we just can see the projects under resources. But it’d be more helpful if we can see the tasks as well.

Is it possible?


And, can I see the whole projects FTE somewhere reported?



  • Isaac Jose
    Isaac Jose Employee
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    Hello Leila,

    Thanks for your post! There isn't currently a way to see the tasks that a resource is assigned to directly in the resource view. If you want to see specific tasks, you'll want to open the sheet itself and create a filter on the Contact List or Assigned To column to see tasks assigned to a the specific resource ( If you want to see tasks assigned to specific people across multiple sheets, you can use a Smartsheet report (

    By FTE, I presume that you're referring to Full Time Equivalent or the total workload capacity of the project overall, correct? There isn't currently a feature in Smartsheet that tracks the Full Time Equivalent for the project, however you can likely create a formula to track this. This will most likely be an AVGW (weighted average) function. For example, =AVGW([Allocation %]:[Allocation %], Duration:Duration) will return the average allocation percentage of all tasks in the project weighted by task duration, effectively giving you the overall FTE of the project (

    If needed, you can submit a Product Enhancement Request with the quick link to the right. 

    I hope this helps!

    Isaac J

    Smartsheet Support

  • Leila
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    Hi and thanks. in the formula =AVGW([Allocation %]:[Allocation %], Duration:Duration) , instead of Allocation% I put effort and it does kind of make sense.