Calculate Points of Symbols?


I have three symbol fields Priority (uses Priority High, Low), Impact (uses Measure One, Two, Three, Four, Five), and Size (uses Measure One, Two, Three, Four, Five)

I would like to roll up points in a column for this.  Impact and Size would convert to integers, High Priority would add +5, Low Priority -2.

Can I do this all in one column?  Do I have to manually convert to INT the symbols or is there an easier way? 



  • Zachary Taylor
    edited 02/28/19

    Hey John, 

    This can be done using a series of nested IF statements to specify the number values of each text option. 

    Try out this formula and see if it accomplishes what you had in mind: 

    =IF(Size@row = "One", 1, IF(Size@row = "Two", 2, IF(Size@row = "Three", 3, IF(Size@row = "Four", 4, IF(Size@row = "Five", 5))))) + IF(Impact@row = "One", 1, IF(Impact@row = "Two", 2, IF(Impact@row = "Three", 3, IF(Impact@row = "Four", 4, IF(Impact@row = "Five", 5))))) + IF(Priority@row = "High", 5, IF(Priority@row = "Low", -2, ""))

    It is lengthy, but should accomplish your request! If you have any questions let me know! 

  • johnvilsack

    Fantastic, thanks!

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