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I am trying to create an auto flag on a project that says if % complete is <= 80% and the end date is <= 7 days from today then flag. 

Here is what I have so far =if([% complete]<=0.8,0.5,0)+if([end date] - today()<=7,0.5.0). 

It turns the flag red when it falls into the not 80% complete in the time frame but when there should be no flag its giving me #boolean expected. Any ideas on a formula that will do this?

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    your issue is that it won't recognize the .5 as an output for a boolean expression (Symbols), only 0 or 1


    honestly your solution made me do a double take, it is an interesting approach, and could possibly be used to solve some very complex problems, but that level of approach isn't needed for this.


    =if(and([% complete]@row&lt;=0.8,[end date]@row - today()<=7),1,0)


    (I added the @row as you didn't include any column references in your original equation. if the values are not on the same row, replace the @row with the correct row)

  • I see know.

    Awesome! This worked perfect. 


    Thank you.