How to send an Update Request to a non-shared sheet user

John M Lee
John M Lee ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Long story short: How do I request an update to someone who does not have access to the source sheet?

Facts:  We have a business development pipeline sheet that is owned and maintained by the implementation team.  We add a new row with each opportunity and have a column of Contact that lists all of our sales people.  We have a date of initial contact column.  The sales people do not have access to the sheet.

Set-up:  I have an Update Request alert that is to be sent to the salesperson in the Contact column every 2 weeks.   We just want them to tell us the status of the account.  

Issue:  The first alert was to be sent to the sales team but instead I received an email saying they were not being notified because they weren't shared to the sheet and my permissions were too restrictive.

Update Request.JPG