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I can't seem to set up an alert when a specific child row is changed to 100%. The alert trigger will allow me to select the column but not the name of a child row in that column. What am I doing wrong?


  • Debbie Sawyer
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    You aren't doing anything wrong!

    Maybe the trigger could do with a further condition to narrow down the records that meet true with the first condition of Status = 100%.  If you only want a subset of that column to meet true then you need to add another condition.

    For example you could set up a column called Ancestors.  The formula for this new column could look up the Ancestor level for the status cell in each row.  This would return a 0 if there is no parent (i.e. top row of sheet, or a non indented row) a 1 if there were a parent, a 2 if there were a grandparent etc. 

    So, if you set up this column, you could get your trigger to alert when the status cell hits 100% AND the Ancestor value for the same row is >=1 (or whichever level you require)

    The function for the Ancestors column (assuming the status you are talking about is called Status) would be:


    Hope this helps.

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  • Paul Newcome
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    Selecting the entire column for the trigger simply means that any time ANY row within that column changes to 100%, the alert will trigger. If you only want a few specific rows within that column to send an alert and not all rows as they change, you will need to do something similar to what was suggested above. You will need to find some way to specify which rows you want the trigger to alert on and then build that condition into your rule.


    The suggestion above will trigger for all but the highest level of hierarchy (no indentation). Using the ANCESTORS function will help narrow it down to certain levels of indentation, but if you still want only a few of those rows to trigger the alert, you will still need to find additional means of ID'ing the rows you want to trigger on.