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Assigning Multiple Users

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Is there a way to assign multiple users to one line? For example I use a gantt chart to lay out our events. So I have individual lines for "Prep," "Load In," "Event," "Load Out," and "Return to Warehouse" under every show. I would like to assign crew to each of these but don't want to do it individually for every line. Is there a way to do this? 


  • Jeff K.

    You can create a dummy email address/name for each crew and use those names in your sheet.


    Just make sure your crew knows what "crew name" they fall under :)

  • Zack S
    Zack S Employee



    At this time we don’t have a default way to assign multiple users to a single row/task, but we’ve received this request before and I’ll be sure to add your vote for this functionality to our enhancement request list. 


    The workaround Jeff mentioned is a great way to assign a single group to the task in order to show multiple people are working on that particular task. 



    Let me know if you have any questions. 

  • Andrée Starå
    Andrée Starå ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    Yes, assigning multiple people to a task is now available.

    Please see the attached link/screenshot for more information.


    I hope this helps you!


    Andrée Starå

    Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting


    Hi all,

    We're pleased to announce that you can now quickly & easily assign tasks to multiple people. To do so, check the new "Allow multiple contacts per cell" checkbox in any contact column. The cells in that column will then allow up to 20 people to be added.

    You can still leave that option unchecked when you only want a single person to be assigned to a task at a time.

    Adding multiple contacts to a cell is useful not only for assigning people, but also for other scenarios where you want to associate multiple stakeholders with a row. For example, you might want those people to receive notifications when the row changes, or you may want them to appear in reports and filters.

    For some projects, you may want to add 2 contact columns: one for the primary owner, and another for additional team members.

    We welcome you to try it out and let us know what you think.

    - Daniel


    Andrée Starå | Workflow Consultant / CEO @ WORK BOLD

    W: www.workbold.com | E:andree@workbold.com | P: +46 (0) - 72 - 510 99 35

    Feel free to contact me for help with Smartsheet, integrations, general workflow advice, or anything else.

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