SUMIFS and date

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Hi All,

I am trying to reproduce this excel formula in smartsheet


I am trying to get a result equivalent to Column B in sheet 1 (see attached file) based on criteria in sheet 1 on column A from the data in sheet 2.

My formula in smartsheet is 

=SUMIFS({Sheet2 Column C Range 1}, {Sheet2 Column A Range 2}, <=Date1, {Sheet 2 Column B Range 3}, >=Date1)

Any help much appreciated

Bonus question...

How does one create incremental dates in a column?  With excel you can drag OR create a formula to add 1 to the cell above. I just get a 1 appended to the end of the date string (Column is in "date" format).  E.g. instead of 2/3/19 I get 1/3/191!








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