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Smartsheet / Gooogle Sheets integration with Todoist, even using 3rd party service?



a) I need exchange task data (two ways) between Todoist and Smartsheet. It seems there is no in-built integration, so even a  3rd party service would work for me. Does anyone know if that integration is possible?


b) Also, would there be any way to exchange task data (two ways) between Smartsheet and Google Sheets? 


Thanks for assistance,





  • Zack S
    Zack S Employee

    Hello Carlos, 


    Currently we don’t have any specific integration with Todoist, but I’ll be happy to add your vote for this integration to our enhancement request list for our Product team. There are some third party applications such as Zapier and Azuqua that can utilize the API of different programs to build integrations. You may want to research these programs to see if they will help you accomplish what you are looking for. 


    We also don’t have a way to live sync data between Smartsheet and Google, but I’ll add your vote for this as well. 






  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    Todoist does integrate to Smartsheet via Zapier.

    The free version is useful to see if it works for you.



  • Hi Carlos,


    Could you please help me understand your use case for syncing tasks with Google Sheets? Once the tasks are in Google Sheets what will you being doing with them that you cannot do in Smartsheet?







  • The issue with Todoist integration via Zapier is that the formatting is lost, so the you cannot directly open the update form like you can in email. Is there any way around this?


    I'm trying to get away from asking users to sort through emails.


  • Hi David-- Can you confirm what you mean by "the formatting is lost"? I'd like to look into whether this appears to be loss from the Todoist side or from Smartsheet. If it's from Todoist's API not pulling in their formatting, this would be an feature request you'd want to bring up with Todoist.

  • David Wood
    edited 07/20/16

    Open update form in the email is clickable

    Email showing Open Update Form button copy.jpg

    Todoist task - Open Update Form button is plain text copy.jpg

  • Hi David-- Thanks for that helpful screen capture! So, just to confirm, the Zap is not between Smartsheet and Todoist, but rather between Todoist and Gmail/Email? If so, Smartsheet isn't able to control how emails come into Todoist. I've seen this happen before when emails are forwarded from Smartsheet to other services, like Bill.com and others.


    I can suggest to our Product team that we include a plain-text link to the Update Request form in the email, which would at least allow users to copy the link and paste it into a new browser tab, but you might also want to reach out to Todoist and request maintaining email formatting/clickable links, if possible!

  • Thanks Kennedy. You are correct, the Zap is not directly between Smartsheet and Todoist.


    I will see if Todoist has any suggestions.

  • Maaik Meijerink
    Maaik Meijerink ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 09/06/16

    Hi all,


    Is there a way to integrate todoist data to Smartsheet, with names in stead of ID's.



    New task for me in ToDoIst, from Harry: 'setup new servers', in Project: Infrastructure


    The data which I can get into Smartsheet via Zapier is: 


    setup new servers
    Assigned To
    Of course, the ID's of the several data are not very userfriendly. Is there a way to get the names behind the ID's ?
  • Hi Maaik-- Since we don't have a direct integration with Todoist, I do believe that you will be slightly limited in the information that you can pull from Todoist to Smartsheet and vice versa, as we haven't developed the communication between the two programs. I'll add your vote for a full Todoist integration to our enhancement request list!

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