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sushilp ✭✭
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Hi All: 

Need your advice on the following problem.

I have three columns [RUN/INVEST], [MUPOR] and [CHECK] in my sheet. I also have two separate data sheets SHEET1 and SHEET2. And I want to write an if else formula as below for [CHECK] column values

if ([RUN/INVEST]1 = "Invest") then 

    {Look for [MUPOR]1 value in column1 of  SHEET1, if found there, then [CHECK]1 = "Invest FOUND in SHEET1" else "Invest NOT FOUND in SHEET1"}

elseif ([RUN/INVEST] = "Run") then 

    {Look for [MUPOR]1 value in column1 of  SHEET2, if found there, then [CHECK]1 = "Run FOUND in SHEET2" else "Run NOT FOUND in SHEET2"}



Is this kind of formula possible to develop in smartsheet. thanks for your help.




  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    It seems like you are trying to display multiple values in the [CHECK] column?


    I'm kinda of confused with what exactly you are trying to accomplish.


    You want to look in Sheet 1 for the word "Invest" based off of what is in the [MUPOR] column of your 3rd sheet? If it is there in sheet 1 then you want it to display a specific phrase, but if it is not found then display something else, but if "Run" is found on sheet 2 then display another specific phrase, otherwise display yet something else, and if it is not found in either then display this final phrase?


    Is sheet 1 always going to say "Invest" and never "Run" and sheet 2 always say "Run" and never "Invest"? What if it is found on both sheets?

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